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MeLe Design Firm

MeLe 600 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount

MeLe 600 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount

Product Description:

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed, hand finished, and TIG welded

-Comes with proprietary coated steel rally plate

-Secures battery mount to rally plate using 5 controlled points

-Drilling is required

-Welding is optional

-Designed to fit the Odyssey ODS-AGM16LFull Throttle FT230XS Power D680Braille G20 and Braille G30 battery.


-Able to place mount anywhere there is a flat metal surface using our comprehensive coated steel rally plate (including the trunk)

-Shed and or shift vital weight in the vehicle

-Track tested (These mounts are currently being used by numerous teams in the American Rally Association)


 -7.75L x 4.00W x 7.25H

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