What batteries are these mounts designed for and what terminals are needed?

These mounts are currently designed around the Odyssey PC680 BatteryXS-Power-D680, Full Throttle FT230, and Braille G20 lightweight batteries. 

What type of metal do you use when making these mounts?

We use all locally sourced 5052 aluminum due to its strength and ability to be shaped without fracturing. Aluminum was chosen due to its corrosion resistance as these mounts are being used internationally in many challenging environments.

How soon will my order be fulfilled?

Our mounts are hand made and occasionally out of stock. Typical lead time from date of purchase is 3 weeks.

Is a battery included with the price of the mount?

No. We are authorized retailers for every battery we fit however. There is a drop down option to have a battery with required SAE terminals added to your purchase.

Can I use a small battery if I have air bag suspension installed on my car?

This mount and battery set up is not ideal for every user. We do not recommend using a small, lightweight battery in your vehicle if you have air bag suspension installed.

Can I use a small battery if I have a significant sound system installed in my car?

This mount and battery setup is not ideal for every user. We do not recommend using a small, lightweight battery in your vehicle if you have a significant sound system installed. There are some exceptions to the rule so please express these concerns during the order process or contact us via e-mail.

Can the supported batteries be used in cold environments?

Yes. All of the batteries we design around can be used in cold environments. It should be treated the same way any other battery being used in a cold environment is treated. Daily drive the vehicle. If you intend to let the vehicle sit for several days outside, in the cold, invest in a battery blanket (Subaru of America makes and sells them for any vehicle sold in extremely cold environments). And lastly invest in a battery tender if you are concerned about long term battery storage.

Do you offer full custom mounts?

Yes. We can have each mount custom powder coated any color the customer would like. We are able to make custom one off badges for the mount. The pricing for the full custom mount is variable. If you have any interest in a custom mount please indicate so by sending us an e-mail.

Product handling and care for the MeLe battery mount in raw finish

  • Disclaimer: Aluminum is a soft, durable metal that while shock resistant it is easily marred and scratched    
  • To avoid fingerprints on your mount wash and dry your hands thoroughly or wear gloves
  • To clean the surface if there is dust and oil present you will need to wash with warm water and a mild degreaser with a microfiber towel.
  • To dry blot with a microfiber towel.