We Believe Making The Best Performance Parts From The Highest Quality Materials Is The ONLY Way To Operate

Roots In Rally Racing

Based in the Pacific Northwest, MeLe Design Firm is an enthusiast owned boutique design and manufacturing company. We got our start back in late 2017 when we recognized a clear market need in the Subaru arena.

With roots in rally racing proper battery performance was at the top of our list when choosing parts for our builds. Many rally cars require aftermarket size options that don’t fit in the factory battery location. At the time there were no direct-fit mounting solutions available for the most popular performance batteries. The only mounts we could find were flimsy, didn’t fit the battery very well, offered no physical protection, and were hard to install. As we thought about it we believed that a form fitting aluminum mount / box would solve this problem. So we did what any good rally competitor would do - we made one for ourselves. However, other drivers and enthusiasts expressed their need for something like what we had built.

After unsuccessfully trying to give away our idea to a big name performance company we chose to consult with several engineers to bring our battery mounts to the public. In an effort to deliver premium products we selected high grade aluminum and began working on building the first MeLe mounts. Since then our battery boxes have been used to power countless vehicles. From world-famous rally cars, show cars, off-road builds, to daily drivers, our mounts have helped motorsports enthusiasts protect their car’s power source while dressing up their engine bay.

Uncompromising Quality And Community Service

What started out as a one-off passion project quickly turned into a movement in and of its own. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and delivering the best quality and customer service available. We source all of our materials locally and manufacture everything in house. These principles have helped us get to where we are today. While outsourcing may increase our profits we want to contribute to our local community and ensure that every item is produced to the highest standards. Making sure every customer gets exactly what they spent their hard earned money on is non-negotiable.

In addition to keeping our manufacturing dollars local, charity work is close to our heart. For select products a portion of your purchase helps fund our efforts to support organizations like Grind For Life and other vitally important causes.