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Sponsored Teams / Drivers

Owners: Rachel and David Eaton

Race Team Affiliation: Eaton Motorsports

Types of Racing: HPDE, Autocross

Why did you choose MeLe?: 
Mitch would not stop harassing us on all forms of social media so it was an easy choice to give in and end the harassment.


Driver/CoDriver: Mark Tabor/Kathryn Hansen

Race Team Affiliation: Tabor Rally Team

Types Of Racing: Stage Rally

Why did you choose MeLe?:
We are always looking for efficient, intelligent designs for components for our race cars. MeLe’s products fit both of those!

Driver/CoDriver: Cameron Steely/Preston Osborn

Race Team Affiliation: O.D.D Racing

Types Of Events: Stage Rally and Hillclimbs

Why did you choose MeLe?:
They build a high quality product with a custom finish. One less thing we have to fabricate ourselves! Customer service is on point with any questions or concerns.

Owner: John Chiko

Race Team Affiliation: JY Racing

Types Of Racing: Time Attack

Why did you choose MeLe?:
As someone who designs a lot of parts and is constantly searching for solutions I could tell there was plenty of thought put into the design to create a product that would be perfect.


Owner: Matthew Sandoval

Race Team Affiliation: None

Types Of Racing: Time Attack

Why did you choose MeLe?: I was in the market for a lightweight battery mount and I found MeLe Design Firm. The battery mount was engineered and constructed way better than I ever expected. I can't wait to test it out this track season.

Owner: Crystal Stegman

Race Team Affiliation: None

Types Of Racing: SCCA Solo

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I believe in supporting small, local business. By supporting those who show excellent customer service and dedication to their craft it won’t only allow them to succeed but also allow me to begin a partnership that will continue to grow with their success.

Driver/CoDriver: Brendan Reeves/Rhianon Gelsomino

Race Team Affiliation: Reeves Rally Team

Types of Racing: Stage Rally

MeLe had a unique opportunity to support Brendan Reeves and Rhianon Gelsomino for the New Zealand Rally of Coromandel. In 2017 Brendan won the entire rally.

Although their Mazda had some unsorted electrical issues from a previous event the team finished respectably given these difficult challenges. We appreciated being a small part of the rally and look forward to working with the team again in the near future.


Owner: Jon Seaton

Race Team Affiliation: Dash-N-Cars

Types Of Racing: Rallycross

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Met Mitch through a mutual rally friend, and we hit it off. I'm a huge supporter of start up companies and it's rare to meet real rally passionate people making parts for fellow rallyists.

Owner: Rome Medrano

Race Team Affiliation: Pug Life Motorsport

Types Of Racing: HPDE

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Lightweight battery kits with proper mounting brackets matched with customer service that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Mitch and his team created a purpose with their battery set up and it shows. Make sure to grab a set. You’ll understand once it arrives.

Owner: Morgan Hughes (Clouded Car Media)

Race Team Affiliation: None

Types Of Racing: HPDE, Touge

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I'm a firm believer that the quality of a product is directly proportional to the quality of the person that runs the company. That being said Mitch is one of the most stand up guys I know and I figured if the product was half as good as he was then that's a product I can trust.

Owner: Jonathon "JT" Turner

Race Team Affiliation: Absolution Racing

Types Of Racing: Rallycross

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Jon Seaton aka Dash n Cars showed off his sweet battery mount and smaller battery in his car. I knew I needed one and then my dreams were crushed when I found out like everything else in rally or rallycross, is made for Subaru's... I got a message from one of my racing buddies about some guy asking him if he owned my car. Turns out it was Mitch wanting to make a battery mount for the VW/Audi lineup and the rest is history.

Owner: Marck Gatbunton

Race Team Affiliation: The Fun Guys and The Mod Garage

Types Of Events: Car shows

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I wanted to help MeLe by being the first to utilize the lightweight battery mount and odyssey battery, on a high voltage drain air-suspension system.

Owner: Dan Hagey (#MeLeRallyWagon)

Race Team Affiliation: Hagster Rally Racing

Types Of Events: Rally X working toward Rally Sprints and Stage Rally

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I chose MeLe because the first correspondence with Mitch was all I needed. We were on the same page, with the same views and drive to succeed. It was an easy choice. MeLe isn't your normal run of the mill company that you get lost in. You're not a number here. You're a name, your family. This is old school values. MeLe should be the standard when it comes to safety mounts. And I have a feeling they will be.

Owner: Michael Naydcek

Race Team Affiliation: Super Secret Squirrel Racing Team and Road Trip Racing Team RTRT

Types Of Events: Autocross, Rallycross, HPDE

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Great product design and a significant weight savings in a highly secure package.

Owner: Bill Spencer

Race Team Affiliation: ACH Tuning

Types Of Events: HPDE

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Because it is a well thought out simple bolt in solution for the heavy OEM battery.

Owner: Justin Hiles

Race Team Affiliation: None

Types Of Events: Drag Racing

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I wanted a better design to hold the PC680 battery in my Focus RS to maintain the weight loss, but all other designs were either draining my battery or caused a lot of work removing and installing when working on my RS. The MeLe battery box design not only makes it a breeze to remove and reinstall, but have had zero issues with my battery.

Owner: Zac Ross

Race Team Affiliation: Zac Ross Racing

Types Of Events: Time Attack

Why did you choose MeLe?:
We were looking for a good battery mounting solution and stumbled across MeLe on Instagram. They were happy to help with a solution that suited our needs.

Driver/CoDriver: Karen Jankowski/Mitch Meadows

Race Team Affiliation: Jankowski Motorsports

Types Of Events: Stage Rally/Rallycross

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I was looking for a mount that would help me to reduce weight and improve weight distribution by being able to relocate the battery. Using the MeLe Design mount allowed me to also upgrade my battery to an Odyssey which I had wanted to for a while. The result was a significant reduction in weight, an improved battery location and one happy customer. Seriously great products made by awesome people. It is a no-brainer and I can’t wait to put another one in my road race car!

Driver/Co-Driver: Jeff Kulawiak/Michael Kulawiak

Race Team Affiliation: Rally Car 114, Movember and Redstart Racing

Types Of Events: Stage Rally

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Mele and us share the same passion for rally.

Owner: Todd Shaner

Race Team Affiliation: MidweST/RS

Types Of Events: Autocross

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Weight reduction and ease of installation. Added bonus that their customer service is the best I’ve seen in this industry

Owner: Andrew Sell

Race Team Affiliation: Intela Motorsport

Types Of Events: HPDE

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I chose MeLe, because of the well engineered, strong battery box to replace my 62lbs boat anchor of an OEM battery. The fit and finish is top shelf. 40lbs savings out of the rear of the car.

Owner: Rob and Jennifer Ocker

Race Team Affiliation: Surgeline

Types Of Events: Hillclimb, Endurance Road Racing

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Recommended by sponsor for weight reduction, space savings, backed by a stellar company who stands by their products.

Owner: Zach Allport

Race Team Affiliation: Auto Mafia Racing

Types Of Events: Drag Racing

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I was introduced to the company through the owner of Auto Mafia Racing and loved the products and how the company immediately did everything to make my experience perfect.

Owner: Mitch Levy

Race Team Affiliation: Custom Performance Engineering

Types Of Events: HDPE, Autocross

Why did you choose MeLe?: As an employee of a company that prides itself on producing high quality aftermarket parts in the U.S., I like to practice what I preach by supporting others that do the same. I started talking to Mele after seeing their battery box on Instagram and immediately ordered one for my daily Fiesta ST. After seeing the quality of the product and talking more with the Mele crew, I had to have their rally battery box and have a permanent, sturdy, and lightweight battery mounting solution to replace the hodge podge I had before.  

Owner: Adam Satzman

Race Team Affiliation: Statzco Motorsports

Types Of Events: Global Time Attack, HPDE

Why did you choose MeLe?: Mainly because of MeLe's willingness to invest time and effort in to their drivers. We always wanted to work with a company that went above and beyond parts and worked side by side with them and helped create other opportunities to grow.

Owner: Adrianna Anderson

Race Team Affiliation: San Diego Subies

Types Of Events: Car Shows

Why did you choose MeLe?: Why wouldn't I want more space for more fun?! It's a unique design and really functional! I totally feel safe and secure with my mount, not to mention the gentlemen of MeLe are just full of love and pure awesomeness!

Owner: Omar Gabriel Farias

Race Team Affiliation: StreetRunners_Official, StreetRunners_Maryland

Types Of Events: Drag Racing

Why did you choose MeLe?: Incredible product, unparalleled customer service. You just can't ask for a better business formula. Plus it's really pretty.