Mele Rally

Mele Rally | Rally Family
Mark Tabor Subaru STI Rally Car at Oregon Trail Rally 2019

Driver/CoDriver: Mark Tabor/Kathryn Hansen

Race Team Affiliation: Tabor Rally Team

Types Of Racing: Stage Rally

Why did you choose MeLe?:
We are always looking for efficient, intelligent designs for components for our race cars. MeLe’s products fit both of those!

ODD Racing Rally Family

Driver/CoDriver: Cameron Steely/Preston Osborn

Race Team Affiliation: O.D.D Racing

Types Of Events: Stage Rally and Hillclimbs

Why did you choose MeLe?:
They build a high quality product with a custom finish. One less thing we have to fabricate ourselves! Customer service is on point with any questions or concerns.

Motorsports Rally Family

Driver/CoDriver: Karen Jankowski/Mitch Meadows

Race Team Affiliation: Jankowski Motorsports

Types Of Events: Stage Rally/Rallycross

Why did you choose MeLe?:
I was looking for a mount that would help me to reduce weight and improve weight distribution by being able to relocate the battery. Using the MeLe Design mount allowed me to also upgrade my battery to an Odyssey which I had wanted to for a while. The result was a significant reduction in weight, an improved battery location and one happy customer. Seriously great products made by awesome people. It is a no-brainer and I can’t wait to put another one in my road race car!

Rally Car 114 Rally Family

Driver/Co-Driver: Jeff Kulawiak/Michael Kulawiak

Race Team Affiliation: Rally Car 114, Movember and Redstart Racing

Types Of Events: Stage Rally

Why did you choose MeLe?:
Mele and us share the same passion for rally.