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MeLe Design Firm

MeLe ATX30 Rally Spec Battery Mount

MeLe ATX30 Rally Spec Battery Mount

Product Description:

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed, hand finished, and TIG welded

-Comes with proprietary integrated mount plate

-Drilling is required

-Welding is optional

 -Designed to fit the Antigravity ATX30 RE-START battery and the Antigravity ATX30-HD battery.



-Provides a level of heat and physical damage protection


-Able to place mount anywhere there is a flat metal surface (including the trunk)

-Shed and or shift vital weight in the vehicle

-Track tested (These mounts are currently being used by numerous professional race teams in North America)


7.13L x 5.75W x 7.63H


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jorge Villalpando
Great box

Quality built, sturdy and easy to install.

Scott Banes
Perfect battery system for any motorsports or street.

I used this battery box with an Odyssey AGM30 battery. It’s significantly heavier than an Anti-Gravity battery, but fit the box nearly perfectly. But it’s smaller and lighter than the old Optima red top battery I had been using.

The box come in different configurations so I could mount the battery vertically or laid down horizontally. I chose vertical for best fitment between the fixed-back seats and roll cage in my rally car.

The riv-nuts that came with the kit were plenty strong for mounting. Hasn’t loosened up at all since installing.
I’m confident it would be strong enough to hold the battery in place in the event of an impact during a race.

I like the quick opening pin latch. Cleaver and light design.

Great customer support. Absolutely no complaints.

-Scott (@banesracingteam) Banes

Hamza Kazi
Best Battery and Mount For Your 2018+ Honda Accord

The ATX30 was the #1 recommended battery by majority of people in the track community for best race battery in the industry. Mele Designs has done an amazing job in making battery mounts that fit almost every vehicle you can think of. Definitely will be putting the ATX30 and Mele Designs Battery Mounts in all of my future builds. I’d like to thank Mitch and everyone at Mele Designs for the best products and customer service in the industry.

Kristoffer G de Ocampo
You can’t go wrong with This

The best battery mount especially for the ATX30.. Super lightweight, great quality and looks superb. Will be grabbing another one soon for another build!

Six Star Motorsports
Small Batteries with Large Performance

The ATX-30 is the go to battery for every large build we complete. It’s compact and light weight design makes custom installation a piece of cake. The ability to jumpstart itself when needed is our favorite feature though it is rarely needed. The battery lasts a long time and we can count on it in every situation be it on the street or the track! A++

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