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MeLe Design Firm

2002-2007 WRX/STI 900 Series Battery Mount

2002-2007 WRX/STI 900 Series Battery Mount

Product Description:

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed and hand finished

-TIG Welded 

-Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware

-Drilling is required

-Designed to fit the Odyssey ODS-AGM28 , Odyssey ODS-AGM30LFull Throttle FT410XS Power D925Braille B3121, Braille G30, and Antigravity ATX-30 HD.


-Creates usable space to custom mount various items 

-Cleans up engine bay 

-Track tested (MeLe is currently being used in various forms of professional racing)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Duane Fosdeck
900 series lount

Almost had it mounted in my 04 forester then used riv nuts to bolt it down. Nice and snug in its location. Hold down bar is nice overall very impressed and will definitely reccomend to other people!

Jeremiah Buckendorf
2006 STi

Great looking piece! I was able to make it fit without modifying the existing battery location. I did end up drilling out one of the mounting holes on the battery box a little wider to get it to be able bolt up.

I also installed the threaded backing plates I believe upside down (u shaped portion facing down) to be able to get the provided hardware to reach the threaded holes.

Jacob malm
Worth the money, avaliable space, and safety!

I had the 600 series prior and loved the added space in the engine bay I gained. With the added space I added the fuse and relay box for my auxiliary rally lights and other functions. The 600 series was wonderful but having the added capacity while retaining the small form factor, the 900 series is so worth it!!! Everytime I get teched at an Autocross or Rallycross, the inspectors remark about how sturdy the battery is secured, and it's the truth!

Extreme quality, great for bigger builds and colder climates!

I bought the 900 mount to fit my build and living in the PNW! I had a couple questions about battery availability and Mitch was fast to respond and got me the product with plenty of time to spare on a deadline I had for a trip. The mount is easy to install, and measuring carefully I was able to mount in the factory location. If you have a front mount kit with a relocated coolant reservoir you will want to mount it as far back against the engine wire harness mount as you can but there is plenty of room and you could also angle it some if needed for different positioning needs. Installation was quick, easy to do and is extremely solid. The welds are amazing and this thing is built to last. If you have a bigger build or live in colder climates the 900 series is a good option to save a little weight but not have to constantly worry about the battery charge like in some smaller battery applications. <3 Mele for the great product, customer service and quick order fulfillment!

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