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MeLe Design Firm

2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT 600 Series Battery Mount

2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT 600 Series Battery Mount

Product Description:

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed and hand finished

-TIG welded 

-Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware

-Direct fit, no drilling required

-Designed to fit the Odyssey ODS-AGM16L, Full Throttle FT230XS Power D680, Braille G20 and Braille G30 battery.


-Sheds 17.6 lbs. from the nose of the vehicle, a 51% reduction in battery weight when using the Odyssey PC680, Full Throttle FT230, and XS Power D680

-Sheds 28.5 lbs. from the nose of the vehicle, an 83% reduction in battery weight when using the Braille G20 

-Creates usable space to custom mount various items 

-Cleans up engine bay 

-Track tested (MeLe is currently being used in various forms of professional racing)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cristian @llamaz_legacy
Weight reduction while looking good

I like to go auto crossing and on canyon runs and this was a great product to help shed some weight off the nose of my 08 legacy GT and it was such a straightforward install that could be done in under 30mins, I recommend you to consider doing this to any of your cars if u like to autocross or just modify to clean up the engine bay.

Functional and Great looking

What a great product, I’ve had my Odyssey battery for over a year with a make shift mount holding it down. Just got the Mele mount and it cleans things up so much. The mount is sturdy, but also makes the battery so much more accessible, whether you need to leave the battery in the car or pull it out. I love the quick release for the latch. Last but not least, it’s a good looking, well made part. Definitely adds a nice touch to the engine bay.

Jared @sortafastsubi
Quality Fit and Finish

I autocross my 4th gen Legacy, it’s a IAG block, 20G turbo, on ethanol with all the bells and whistles. It’s taken several years of planning and spending to get it to where it is. I am very meticulous when it comes to performance products, especially when it comes to the Legacy platform. It seems 9/10 products I drop decent money on need mild-major modification to properly fit this platform. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE FOR MY MELE PC680 BATTERY BOX! I had been using the aluminum 4 piece bracket from Odyssey that required me to drill holes to fit just right and even then the height of the bracket would interfere with my FMIC piping. When I got the MELE box the finish far outshined previous products I have used and seen. I still went in optimistically and was blown away that 15 minutes later it was in using stock location and stock holes. They provide hardware and the tolerances are perfect. I’m genuinely pleased with this product and ease of install, not to mention the very reasonable price point.
Best regards
-Jared H-

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