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MeLe Design Firm

2015+ Volkswagen Golf GTI/R Battery Mount

2015+ Volkswagen Golf GTI/R Battery Mount

Product Description:

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed and hand finished

-TIG welded 

-Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware

-Direct fit, no drilling required

-Designed to fit the Odyssey ODS-AGM16L, Full Throttle FT230XS Power D680, Braille G20 and Braille G30 battery.


-Sheds 19.6 lbs from the nose of the vehicle, a 54% reduction in battery weight from the VW Golf GTi when using the Odyssey PC680, Full Throttle FT 230, and XS Power D680

-Sheds 30.2 lbs from the nose of the vehicle, an 83% reduction in battery weight from the VW Golf GTi when using the Braille G20

-Creates usable space to custom mount various items 

-Cleans up engine bay 

-Track tested (MeLe is currently being used in various forms of professional racing)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Absolutely perfect fitment and easy to install. I will definitely be purchasing all of my batteries and mounts from you all.

Time Attack Approved

These units are incredibly beefy while being wonderfully lightweight. They've survived three seasons of hard track use in all weather conditions and even a smash. One of the most cost effective and useful ways to reduce weight in the front of the vehicle and to add a few style points inside the engine bay. Thank you again for creating a great product.

27lbs less!

As the title says, 2017 S3 dropped 27 lbs compared to the OEM Audi battery!
Went with the FT battery, and black casing.
60’ improvement of .07-.11 consistently
Car is used for drag racing, and I highly recommend this for anyone making their car go fast!
Will be using this all season long, coding / Calibration for battery was a breeze as all the data was available online. VCDS took 2 minutes to do and the car is as happy as ever. Cold start & warm start is just as good as the OEM battery in 50F+ weather
Haven’t had below 50F weather yet but so far so good!

Jonathon Turner
Rallycross Upgrade

This battery box is a welcome upgrade over the heavy, bulky, and awkward battery that comes from the factory. The PC680 over 20 lbs lighter and it's easy to change. Compared to having to take apart my aftermarket intake to change the stock size battery. The fit and finish is great and the raw aluminum looks great next to the aluminum head. I would highly recommend this battery box!!!

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