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MeLe Design Firm

MeLe 900 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount

MeLe 900 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount

Product Description:

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed, hand finished, and TIG welded

-Comes with proprietary coated steel rally plate

-Secures battery mount to rally plate using 5 controlled points

-Drilling is required

-Welding is optional

-Designed to fit the Odyssey ODS-AGM28 , Odyssey ODS-AGM30LFull Throttle FT410XS Power D925Braille B3121Braille G30, and Antigravity ATX-30 HD.


-Able to place mount anywhere there is a flat metal surface using our comprehensive coated steel rally plate (including the trunk)

-Shed and or shift vital weight in the vehicle

-Track tested (These mounts are currently being used by numerous teams in the American Rally Association)


-8L x 7.5W x 6H


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Customer Service, Great Mount

Today I installed the MeLe 900 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount together with the ATX-30-HD into my 2020 STi. Install was super easy and the mount came with all necessary hardware to install the new battery with the terminals in the same location as the OEM battery. I achieved a weight saving of around 23 pounds in comparison to the OEM battery and mount.
Mitch the owner provided superior customer service to help me to select the best solution for my request (I wanted a super clean install without drilling or welding). Thank you Mitch, I am super happy!

Kanten Nichols
Killer product

I've used the MeLe 900 rally spec mount, FT410, and Iwire battery relocation kit to mount my 2006 STi's battery in the trunk. It's freed up so much space in the engine bay, allowing the front mount intercooler piping a much better path, and taken a ton of weight off the front end. You can't ask for a better combo than this. Photos viewable on instagram @Acadia.STi

Bearded Ryno Rally Team
Buy once, cry once!

Absolutely rock solid battery mount for our 1995 BMW M3 rally car! We needed to relocate the battery to a safer, more central location and this rally spec box combined with a Braille battery was the perfect option. It's compact and light yet insanely sturdy, exactly what a rally car needs!

Michael Alexander
Retrofit Done RIGHT!

Before reviewing the product I just want to say thank you to Mitch for the outstanding customer service with everything related to having a happy customer! Now to the product, I retrofitted their 900 series mount in my 02 WRX because I wanted a bigger battery while staying light weight over off the shelf oem spec batteries to go with my sound system. Wow! What a perfect fit, very little work to make it fit. Measure out your holes where you want them to so that the backing nuts fit on a flat surface. Drill your two new holes and you’re good to go. That mount will never move at all once mounted. Precise long life lasting foam is placed on the inside of the mount, perfect for keeping the battery in place and perfectly still under any conditions of driving. When you think it couldn’t get any better, they throw in a hinge strap on top of the battery with a quick release pin that makes it extremely easy to pull the battery but if you’re afraid of the pin coming out trust me it definitely won’t. It has a ball on the outside of the pin to keep in place until you physically want to pull it out! Well done MELE glad to finally have one of your mounts in my Subaru!

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