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MeLe Design Firm

MeLe Edition Universal Subaru Pitch Stop Mount

MeLe Edition Universal Subaru Pitch Stop Mount

Product Description :

-Designed and manufactured in the USA by our homie Tom at Kartboy

-CNC'd from a single piece of  6061 aluminum 

-Black anodized

-85A durometer bushings with 304 SS washers 

Benefits :

-Prevent power robbing pitch without excessive NVH in the cabin

-Improved throttle response 

-Replace your OE plastic pitch stop with a more reliable product 

Disclaimer :

-For all 2015-2017 WRX / STI owners make sure the Subaru TSB has been performed to your vehicle before installing this product. MeLe Design Firm and Kartboy are not responsible/liable for any damage caused by installing this product on the vehicles specified.

-Will not work for BRZ/GT86/GR86 

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Customer Reviews

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Cody A
Excellent Product: Drastic Change in Performance!

I am beyond thrilled with my MeLe Edition Universal Subaru Pitch Stop Mount. I had never installed one on my Subaru before; instead, I swapped out the bushings. However, this product is unbelievable! It had me thinking, 'What took me so long to do this?' I purchased the pitch stop mount for my 2019 Crosstrek to eliminate some hard shifting and rocking in 1st and 2nd gear and an occasional jerk when controlling the throttle in off-road scenarios. It did the trick perfectly! I was able to install the pitch stop in just a few minutes and reinstalled it with the factory hardware. Upon starting the trek, I immediately noticed a solid and rigid startup, in comparison to the OEM pitch stop that had some play to it. The quality of the bushings and materials gives me peace of mind that it will last the lifetime of the vehicle. My test drive was pleasant, and when coupled with the MeLe Strut Brace, you can be certain to feel stability and improved performance with just these two products, even on a naturally aspirated Subaru. Thank you for this wonderful product; it's a must-have item!

Much smoother drivetrain response!

Right out of the box, this pitch stop mount felt solid and looked better than any that I've purchased before. Not to mention it felt very light.
After the install I noticed that my car no longer lurched at low speeds while accelerating or decelerating. The overall feeling of the car is much smoother now. Even without doing transmission mounts or motor mounts, it already feels twice as good. I'm very happy about it!

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