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Antigravity Group-U1 / U1R Lithium Auto Battery

Antigravity Group-U1 / U1R Lithium Auto Battery

Group-U1 Battery

NEW! Lightweight Lithium Batteries with Wireless Built-In Jump Starting!

The first Intelligent Lithium-Ion Automotive Battery that won’t leave you stranded!

This newest RE-START Battery is made in the U1 and U1R Sizes. The U1 Battery size is very compact, and is used in many applications such as Smaller Automobiles such as the Mazda Miata, in some brands of UTVs, Farm Equipment, Riding Lawn Mowers, Small Tractors, and more. This Lithium U1 Battery also features our famous “RE-START” built-in WIRELESS Jump-Starting! That means if your battery is ever discharged to the point of going dead, for example by leaving your lights on or playing the stereo too much, you simply press the Button on the provided Keyfob (2 keyfobs included), start the Vehicle and drive away! No need for a Jump-Starter, or any assistance. You don’t even have to access or touch the battery; do it from the seat of your vehicle. The AG-U1 RE-START Battery has 20 Amp Hours and is available in Right or Left Side Positive Terminals.

       Manufacturer Specifications:

      Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 925
      Amp Hours (Pb Eq)
      Reserve Capacity Minutes NA
      Dimensions L x W x H (in) 7.75 x 5.2 x 7.3
      Metric Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 197 x 132 x 186
      Weight (lbs) 7.4
      Weight (kg) 3.36
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